Curve Games and IronOak Games announced For The King 2 is coming to PC (Steam) in 2023. The sequel will expand the co-op dungeon crawling to four players.

Aside from increasing the number of players from three to four, For The King 2 will update the art style, add new biomes, and a new soundtrack.

As with the underrated first game, players will create a character and choose a mission as they explore a procedurally generated fantasy world of Fahrul. Dungeons, quests, enemies, loot, and events will change with every game.

Players can choose to stick together to combine their abilities, or split the party to grab the best loot.

For The King plays out like a cooperative digital board game. Each player takes a turn moving their character and exploring the world tile-by-tile. Running into an enemy initiates turn-based combat, with nearby players able to join in.

Though it’s wonderful to play with friends, it works just as well with one player managing all three characters.

For The King 2 will arrive on PC next year. The original game, which released back in 2018, is available on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox.

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