Triangle Strategy, and all-new, retro-inspired strategy-RPG published by Nintendo, is now available on Switch, in digital and physical ($59.99).

The medieval fantasy story stars Serenoa Wolffort, the son of a legendary warrior, and a capable swordsman himself. Throughout the story Serenoa will recruit over 20 playable characters to help succeed through tactical grid-based battles. Players can take advantage of elevated positions, flanking attacks, and elemental combos, such as using lightning to shock a pool of water.

Serenoa will have to make major choices and decisions that enhance one of three paths: utility, morality, or liberty. The combination of these ethics will shape his worldview, as well as which characters will join your army.

When faced with big decisions, each character can vote with the Scales of Conviction. You can talk to your allies before the vote to help influence their decision.

The visuals utilize the HD-2D retro-modern aesthetic, combining pixel-art with 3D environments.

A free Prologue Demo is available on the Nintendo eShop. The demo includes the first chapters of the game, including the first big story choice and Scales of Conviction vote. Any progress made during the demo will carry over to the full game, once purchased.

Triangle Strategy is rated T for Teen.

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