Shiro Unlimited and developer Dimanche Corp announced a narrative exploration game based on the real NASA rover Opportunity. The aptly named Opportunity PC game is coming to Steam in 2022.

In 2004, NASA launched the Opportunity rover to explore the Red Planet, gather data, and search for signs of water and life. It was supposed to run for 90 days. It ended up lasting 15 incredible years.

“The story of Opportunity is truly inspiring, which made this choice for our first publishing project an easy one,” said Adrien Briatta, head of publishing, Shiro Unlimited. “The team at Dimanche Corp. wanted to capture the wonder of exploring a foreign planet and retell the real missions of this famous rover through its own eyes, figuratively of course.”

You won’t be playing through all 15 years of its journey in the game. Instead you’ll pick up the story near the end of its cycle, having just woken up from a damaging sandstorm. The little rover will need to scavenge and collect parts from previous missions, overcome hazards and challenges, and continue exploring the Martian surface.

The game world features low poly 3D visuals, a minimalist interface, and an original acoustic soundtrack for those far-out vibes.

Opportunity is launching on Steam PC in 2022.

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