After a year in open beta testing, Amplitude Studios has released Humankind on Windows PC, Mac, and Stadia, for $49.99.

Humankind is a historical 4x turn-based strategy game, aimed squarely at the decades-plus behemoth of the genre, Sid Meier’s Civilization. Unlike Civ, you don’t select a historical empire from the beginning, instead adopting different real world cultures as you progress through the era, combining different bonuses and benefits. Humankind features 60 historical cultures from the Ancient to the Modern Age.

Building cities goes even further than Civ 6’s districts, with the world separated into territories that can only ever have one city. But that city can expand throughout the territory, building farms, city expansions, and world wonders.

Combat is also different than Civ. Taking a page from Amplitude Studios’ previous 4X game Endless Legend, combat takes place on a zoomed-in arena as units take turns attacking each other.

Humankind is available in Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition ($59.99). The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the Notre Dame DLC Pack, Digital soundtrack, and a PDF poster of the unit and tech trees. Don’t sleep on that soundtrack, Amplitude Studios’ strategy games have always had incredible orchestral and synth music tracks.

Humankind is rated E10+ for Alcohol Reference, Mild Language, and Mild Violence.

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