New Pokémon Snap is getting a big content update next week on August 3rd, and it’s completely free. The update will add three new regions to explore along with 20 more Pokémon to catalog.

Florio Island will add a Secret Side Path in the nature park, shrinking the Neo-One vehicle to squeeze into a special area with seemingly gigantic Pokémon. On Belusylva Island you can ride down the river rapids of Mightywide River (which actually looks like a lot of fun), capturing the Pokémon that venture near the water. Then carefully avoid the geysers and poisonous vents of the Barren Badlands of Voluca Island, home to rocky and poison Pokémon.

Each of these new areas will include day and night versions, with different Pokémon, and Pokémon behaviors, to discover. Like other areas in the game, you’ll have to meet certain conditions before these new areas will unlock.

The free update will launch on August 3rd. New Pokémon Snap is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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