The 2021 Summer Games Done Quick marathon has concluded, raising over $2.8 million for the Doctors Without Borders charity. The event ran July 4 – 11, streaming speedruns for 24 hours a day.

Games this time around include older classic such as Spyro the Dragon, Psychonauts, Castlevania, Earthworm Jim, and Grand Theft Auto 3; indie games favorites with Untitled Goose Game, Manifold Garden, Factorio, Celeste, and The Outer Wilds; and more recent hits such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Streets of Rage 4, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Super Mario Odyssey.

Highlights include massive RPG Dragon Age Inquisition completed in under an hour, and an entire run of Super Mario 64 played while blindfolded! I’m also a sucker for any and all Pokémon speedruns, and SGDQ 2021 featured an exciting dual Pokémon Black vs White speedrun that should not be missed.

All of these excellent runs can be found as archived videos on the Games Done Quick YouTube channel.

Since 2010 Games Done Quick hosts speedrunning events to raise money for charity. Since last year these events have taken place entirely online due to the pandemic. To date, Games Done Quick has raised more than $34 million for charities such as AbleGamers, and Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The next Games Done Quick even is Fleet Fatales, and all-woman speedrunning event taking place August 15-21.

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