Dungeons and Dragons is usually more RPG dungeon crawler than co-op action-brawler, but Dark Alliance is a pure action game set in the Forgotten Realms. It’s out now on Steam PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S ($39.99).

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance stars four famous heroes from the Forgotten Realms fantasy novels, Drizzt, Catti-brie, Bruenor, and Wulfgar, as they face off against the many foes and monsters of Icewind Dale, including Frost Giants, Beholders, and White Dragons. Lore-wise, the game takes place after The Crystal Shard novel published in the late 80s, and before the events of the recent D&D campaign adventure, Rime of the Frostmaiden.

The action game can be played solo, or via online multiplayer with up to four players.

Dark Alliance was developed by Tuque Games and published by Wizards of the Coast — the first D&D game directly published by the D&D publisher. It’s a spiritual sequel to the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance games from the early 2000s.

“Whenever I’m at the table playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends, I always anxiously await that moment in a scenario when the Dungeon Master says, ‘Roll for initiative’. That’s when you know things are about to get fun and interesting,” said Jeff Hattem, studio head, Tuque Games. “We designed Dark Alliance from those moments in D&D campaigns; our game puts combat at the center of the experience and we can’t for players to feel what it’s like to battle a Frost Giant up close and personal.”

Dark Alliance is rated M for Mature with Blood and Gore, Language, and Violence.

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