After being delayed form its original 2020 release date, the charming adventure-RPG Garden Story is arriving on PC (Steam, Mac) and Switch this summer.

Garden Story stars Concord, an anthropomorphic grape who becomes the Guardian of Spring Hamlet. In addition to using a trusty sword to defeat monsters spawned by the Rot, Concord will also need to harvest materials and gather resources to craft tools and weapons, grow gardens, build structures, and fish for shells. Tools can also be used while exploring dungeons, such as using the dowsing rod to remover armor from enemies.

By talking to other greenlings in the Grove, Concord can unlock memories that boost their stats, including extra health and faster run speed. Concord’s adventures will take them all across the Grove, including the four major towns of Spring Hamlet, Autumn Town, Winter Glade, and Summer Bar.

“Garden Story’s emphasis on fostering community perfectly aligns with everything Rose City Games stands for,” said Will Lewis, co-founder and director, Rose City Games. “Thanks to Picogram’s imaginative world, we believe Garden Story will provide both a relaxing escape and a lasting positive message for players when the game launches later this year.”

Garden Story will launch later this summer.

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