CAGE Studios has released free-to-play crossbow shooter Sherwood Extreme via Steam Early Access on PC.

Sherwood Extreme transports players back to the medieval age of Robin Hood. Goblins have invaded Sherwood, but Robin Hood has picked up a few tricks – and sweet parkour moves, including backflips and slow-mo bullet-time. Er, bolt-time?

Sherwood isn’t just a forest. It also includes castles, mountains, volcanoes, and goblin hideouts. Gameplay is designed for single players fending off hordes of monsters with their trusty hand crossbow, or for two players joining forces via online co-op. Two players can combine their parkour abilities in crazy ways, including grappling onto one another for double trouble, and players can compete against each other for high scores and faster times.

Sherwood Extreme is available now via Steam Early Access and free-to-play, supported by a seasonal battle pass called Kingdom Pass. Seasons with unique rewards have begun rotating, starting with the first pirate-themed season.

Following Early Access, Sherwood Extreme is due to release later this year as a 1.0 launch on PC, Mac, and Xbox in Q4 2021, along with new game modes and features.

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