William Chyr Studio has announced that their 2019 puzzle game Manifold Garden is getting a PlayStation 5 release on May 20 ($19.99). It will be available as a free upgrade for those who already own the PlayStation 4 version. Also launching are physical releases for Switch and PS5, as well as a limited vinyl edition of the soundtrack. Watch the PS5 launch trailer above.

Manifold Garden is designed by artist William Chyr as a way to explore a world of impossible geometry, similar to classic M.C. Escher paintings. Players manipulate gravity to move around the world, sometimes falling off a ledge to reappear somewhere else, as the world stretches into infinite distances.

On release the indie adventure game earned nominations from BAFTA and the Game Developers Choice Awards.

The PS5 version adds 4K resolution, 60 frames per second, and haptic feedback with the DualSense controller.

The physical releases for Switch and PlayStation 5 are handled by veteran indie publisher Iam8bit, and include a detailed pop-up display art, for $29.99. The physical vinyl soundtrack includes 2 LPs, and is limited 1000 copies, for $44.99 (shipping Q1 2022).

Manifold Garden is also available on Mac and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Itch.io), Mobile (Apple Arcade), PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox.

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