Highrisers was one of our 12 best demos from the Steam Game Festival, and now we have a release date. Assemble Entertainment and developer Solar Powered Games have announced that Highrisers will launch on Steam on May 6.

Highrisers is an arcade-like mix of crafting and survival. You control four survivors, each with their own skills and specialties, who have made it to the top of a towering skyscraper amidst a zombie-like apocalypse, called the Dreamers. The goal is to fix the helicopter at the top to escape before the hordes, which become more active every night, grow too big and overwhelm your building.

Thankfully the skyscraper is full of tools and resources, all of which can be broken down, scavenged, and re-crafted into other parts, tools, weapons, and barricades.

You’ll have to manage all four characters simultaneously as you run through dozens of stories. The lower you go, the more prevalent the danger, as the hordes continue advancing higher and higher. Procedurally generated levels and layouts ensure no two runs are the same.

Highrisers will launch on PC on May 6.

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