Indie developer Whatboy Games have announced their debut game, Trials of Fire, will leave Steam Early Access and fully launch on April 9, for $15.99. The first week will feature a 10% launch discount, after that the price will rise to $19.99.

Trials of Fire is a single player, tactical strategy game that combines digital deck-building with tactical combat. It’s set in an a post-cataclysmic fantasy world. Choose three characters from eight classes to explore and survive the open world.

Combat encounters are procedurally generated, switching to a hex-filled battlefield. Equip your three characters with weapons, items, and other gear that appear as randomly drawn cards during battle. There are over 200 items and 300 skill cards to find and unleash.

On the adventure map, you’ll hunt for resources, survive ambushes, and take part in judgement encounters, where you decide what choices to make in a lawless world. The roguelike structure means death is permanent. You’ll need to master the cards and your strategy to survive.

The 1.0 launch will add a new playable hero. Trials of Fire has been available in Steam Early Access since May 2019, and has benefited from months (and years) of patches, updates, and balance tweaks.

Trials of Fire is available on Steam.

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