One of our favorite games we played during the Steam Game Festival was Retro Machina, an isometric adventure-puzzle game starring a small robot in a post-human Earth. Publisher and developer Orbit Studio have announced that the formerly limited-time playable demo is now permanently available on PC (Steam).

In the demo, the upstart worker bot will break free from its mundane factory life and explore the surrounding world, including the domed city of Endeavor.

The world is inspired by classic science fiction authors like Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov, as well as concept artist Jacque Fresco. The full game will feature five different biomes, including the abandoned Nucelonics lab and flooded Marine Nation, as you uncover where the humans have gone, and who is really in control.

The little robo protagonist has one trick up its sleeve: the ability to hack and control other robots. You’ll need to frequently use this ability to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Even better, you still retain full control of your original form while moving the hacked robot with the second joystick.

The demo is currently only available on PC, but the full game is launching on April 7 on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. It’s rated T for Teen with Cartoon Violence.

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