Shove over, ARK: Survival Evolved! The newest popular survival-crafting game is here, and it trades in dinosaurs for Vikings. Valheim quietly hit Steam Early Access earlier this month, and has since rocketed to the top of the charts, hitting over 500,000 concurrent players over the last weekend, making it one of most popular games on Steam.

Developer Iron Gate recently announced that Valheim has sold three million copies – an incredibly impressive feat for an indie game, published by Coffee Stain Publishing (Goat Simulator). Valheim has also garnered over 60,000 Overwhelmingly Positive reviews, and is the seventh most streamed games on Twitch, with over 20 million hours available to watch online.

“The Iron Gate team wanted to share one more big thank you to everyone who has already joined us on this exciting journey of mythological proportions,” states the developer on the three million announcement.

Up 10 players can adventure in Valheim, which offers a procedurally generated open world set in Viking purgatory. Battle monsters, build houses, sail ships, and craft tools and weapons.

Early Access should last “for at least one year,” but may take even longer. Currently you can play single player or multiplayer, including the option of a dedicated server. Five of nine eventual biomes are finished, with nearly 300 craftable items, 120 building pieces, and 35 different monsters, animals, and legendary bosses.

Valheim is available on PC (Steam Early Access) for $19.99.

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