An indie game I played almost exactly two years ago at PAX South 2019 now has a release date. Ape Tribe Games and publisher Sold Out have announced Disjunction is releasing on PC (Steam), PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox, on January 28. A demo is currently available on Steam.

Disjunction is set in 2048 New York. The story weaves together the three playable characters, and reacts to the choices you make along the way. Players can choose their weaponry and cybernetic upgrades, sticking to the shadows and using non-lethal attacks, or running in guns blazing, using cyber tech to distract and destroy enemies.  The gameplay is in a pixelated, isometric perspective, similar to Hotline Miami.

“We are massive fans of classic stealth-action games and ultramodern fast-paced shooters, and have put our all into combining the two genres in Disjunction,” said Erwan LeCun, Co-Founder of Ape Tribe Games. “Disjunction is our love letter to cyberpunk, and we hope that the game’s conspiracy-laden narrative and stylistic visuals will appeal to fans of the genre, while giving them the choice to engage in strategic stealth gameplay or brutally fast combat.”

Disjunction is out Jan. 28 on PC and consoles.

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