Platforming fans rejoice! The long awaited sequel to beloved, merciless 2D platformer Super Meat Boy, Super Meat Boy Forever, is out now on PC (Epic Games Store) and Nintendo Switch, for $19.99. PlayStation and Xbox versions will release in “approximately one month.”

“It seemed like this day would never come, but after over a decade Super Meat Boy has a fully fledged sequel that takes everything people loved about the original, but makes it meatier and more super,” said Tommy Refenes, co-founder, Team Meat. “I knew I didn’t want to release a sequel that was simply more of the same, so Super Meat Boy Forever rethinks the entirety of how the game works, from the controls, to your moveset, to the new power-ups. It’s a completely different experience that still fundamentally feels like Meat Boy. And with its thousands of randomly generated challenges, you can literally play it forever!”

In Super Meat Boy Forever, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl have had a child named Nugget. But Nugget has been kidnapped by Dr. Fetus, and it’s up to the couple, and a few of their friends, to rescue the child.

In addition to challenging levels and wall-jumping, Meat Boy comes equipped with new slide and plummet moves. And while you can expect the same hand-crafted, punishing level designs, the order in which you play them is entirely randomized. With thousands of levels, you’ll need to play through the game several times before seeing a single duplicate level.

The biggest Meat Boy fans will want to check out the custom Super Meat Boy wireless controller for Nintendo Switch by PowerA. Super Meat Boy Forever is rated T for Teen.

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