Brace yourselves – winter is here in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Season 3 adds seven new winter-themed levels, a new crown progression feature, and lots of festive costumes to dress up in, representing the largest content update yet.

The new rounds are as follows:

  • Ski Fall – Slip and slide down the icy slope for precarious points.
  • Tundra Run – An all-new take on the gauntlet style, ripe for snowy shenanigans.
  • Freezy Peak – A spiral summit that delights in chucking an endless supply of snowballs down on competitors.
  • Snowy Scrap – Three teams, three snowballs, zero chill.
  • Pegwin Pursuit –  In this team game, your job is to grab the Blunderdome’s tiniest penguin pals as they motor around the arena.
  • Thin Ice – Treacherous icy tiles stand between you and instant elimination in this high-flying final Round.
  • Roll Off – This fresh showdown takes the perpetual motion and fancy footwork requirements of Roll Out and transforms it into a particularly tricky Final Round.

The big new feature is Crown Rank, which keeps track of how many times you’ve achieved first place and earned a crown. Every win improves your Crown Rank, which periodically unlocks new rewards, such as special gold costumes. Thankfully, past wins pre-Season 3 also count!

The new Ice Adventure Costume Pack ($4.99) includes the Peppy Penguin, Slopes Master, and Yeti-Guy costumes. Other updates include linking your Amazon Prime account for digital goodies, new music tracks, an in-game news feed, and several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Fall Guys is available on PC and PlayStation 4. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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