Nintendo presented another Indie World Showcase this month, announcing new (and not quite new) indie games coming to Switch in the new few months – including some, like Among Us, launching today!

“We want Nintendo Switch owners to feel like they’re on a journey of discovery, with new indie gems to uncover around every corner,” said Steve Singer, Senior VP, Nintendo of America. “Thanks to the dedicated ingenuity of independent developers around the world who have chosen Nintendo Switch as a home for their games, the system continues to host a flourishing collection of unforgettable indie experiences for players to enjoy.”

Watch the full showcase above, and check out our highlights below.

Among Us

Among Us is the super popular online multiplayer whodunit, where players go about their business on a space station with a killer hiding among them. The killer does their work discretely while the rest try to figure out who the culprit is, and vote them out into space. Among Us is releasing later today on Switch, and features cross-platform online multiplayer.

Release: Today!

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 released earlier this year, a sequel to one of the most well-designed roguelike adventure games ever made. Spelunky 2 features the same addictive gameplay as you explore randomly generated levels full of danger, treasure, and secrets – and death comes swiftly and often. Both Spelunky 2 and the original game are launching on Nintendo Switch next summer.

Release: Summer 2021


Grindstone is a clever mash-up of a match puzzle game and hack and slash RPG. Take on all 200 levels of Grindstone Mountain as Clobber as you exploit combos and earn Grindstones to craft new gear to take on more challenging levels and boss encounters.

Release: Today!


Calico is a daily life sim (like Animal Crossing) involving cute cats. Your job is simple: build up cat café in a laid-back village, fill it with furniture and decorations, and collect the cutest of cats. What more do you need?

Release: Today!

Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever is the sequel to hardcore 2D platformer Super Meat Boy. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl must travel through hand-crafted levels filled with deadly spinning blades as they work to rescue their baby, Nugget. Levels are randomly ordered together, creating a unique experience with each save game.

Release: December 23

Cyber Shadow

With a cyborg ninja fighting robots in a 2D retro action-adventure, Cyber Shadow oozes 8-bit charm. Dash, slice, and leap through challenging platforming levels filled with enemies, while unlocking new ninja skills. Cyber Shadow is published by Yacht Club Games, the makers of retro darling Shovel Knight, and will support Shovel Knight amiibo figures.

Release: January 26, 2021


Tunche is a 2D Beat ‘Em Up developed by Peruvian studio LEAP Game Studios, and set in the Amazon Rainforest. Tunche features hack and slash combat and local co-op as you explore the jungle and hunt the titular beast. Tunche also guest stars the protagonist from A Hat in Time, Hat Kid.

Release: March 2021

Other indie game announcements include multiplayer arcade driving game Very Very Valet, feline arena fighting game Fisti-Fluffs, and Gnosia, a cross between Among Us and an anime-style visual novel. All of these indie titles are coming to Switch in Early 2021.

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