While gaming has gradually become more mainstream and accepted, archaic stigmas still exist. To help bring more understanding for parents of gaming kids and teens, cyber security company Kapersky sponsored a Mums Got Game digital panel.

The panel features gaming moms and/or moms of professional gaming teens as they discuss how parents can be more attentive, understanding, and supportive with their gaming kids.

“Esports and gaming offer transferable skills like leadership and communication, and colleges and universities are doing courses to help with this,” says Fish during the panel. Adds MacDonald: “It’s about seeing games the same way as you’d see any other interest and not necessarily as potentially insidious force.”

Kapersky also commissioned a research study last month to determine the existing dynamics between gamers and their parents. The study reached out to over 5,000 respondents from over a dozen countries. Nearly half (47%) wished their parents “got” gaming to improve their relationship.

“Gaming has provided huge support to many this year; offering solace, relief and friendship in difficult times,” said Andrew Winton, Vice President of Marketing at Kaspersky. “But for many families, the negative perceptions of gaming can be very counter-productive in enabling open dialogue and building relationships. We hope that the wise words from these mums will help others start to have better and more positive conversations between gamers and parents.”

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