Epic Games announced a new monthly subscription plan for Fortnite, called Fortnite Crew. For $11.99 per month you’ll get access to each seasonal Battle Pass, V-Bucks, and monthly goodies. It’s launching alongside Season 2 – Chapter 5 in December.

Fortnite Crew is a new recurring monthly subscription for Fortnite. By subscribing, you’ll gain access to the following:

  • Seasonal Battle Pass – Typically worth about $10, Battle Passes last two to three months, featuring challenges, rewards, and unlockable goodies.
  • 1,000 V-Bucks – $10 worth of virtual currency to spend on cosmetics in the Item Shop.
  • Monthly Crew Pack – Outfit bundle exclusive to Fortnite Crew members. Each bundle includes an exclusive outfit, and at least one matching accessory. Crew Packs will only be available to Fortnite Crew subscribers.

December’s crew pack includes the Galaxia costume, Cosmic Llamacorn pickaxe and Fractured World back bling (pictured above)

Assuming seasons last closer to two months than three, the subscription is a pretty decent deal if you regularly play Fortnite each season.

One important note: the subscription will be tied to the platform you purchased it on. Make sure to choose the platform carefully! If you already purchased the current Season Pass, the V-Bucks will be refunded.

If you cancel your membership, you’ll still retain previous Battle Passes, V-Bucks, and Crew Packs, and the subscription still lasts through the end of the month.

Fortnite Crew membership and Season 2 – Chapter 5 will begin December 2.

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