Leyline is a new nonprofit organization that connects millions of gamers to charitable causes and global issues, such as COVID-19, poverty, and climate change, by creating a digital economy with gamers based on processing power.

Participants can register and install the BOINC software, an open-source program designed by the University of California Berkley.

According to the FAQ, the software utilizes the processing power of your PC or mobile device to process scientific research and discoveries. BOINC automatically runs and uploads data files. Default settings allow BOINC to run only when it detects that your device is idle, and you can decide how much percentage of your CPU and GPU you want to dedicate.

Volunteers can earn rewards and points by donating their digital power, which will eventually include blood donations and physical volunteer work. Points can be redeemed in the Leyline marketplace to earn gift cards, digital codes, and other rewards, supported by a blockchain-based wallet.

Leyline was founded by Jeremy Dela Rosa (Blizzard Entertainment) and includes over 50 staff and volunteers from diverse backgrounds in games, entertainment, tech, politics, and education.

“We have always been passionate about trying to make a big positive impact in the world,” said Rosa. “We realize that everyone wants to contribute to making the world a better place, but it can be needlessly complex. Through Leyline, we want to create an online ecosystem that rewards doing good things in the real world.”

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