Daedalic Entertainment and developer Barrel Roll Games have officially brought multiplayer hide n seek game Witch It out of Early Access. The 1.0 launch is available now on Steam PC, for $19.99.

In Witch It, players are divided into two teams, humans and witches. The humans’ job is to find and catch the witches using an array of tools. But the diminutive witches have some important abilities of their own. Witches can transform into almost anything in the map, including chairs, boxes, and even an entire house, creating the ultimate game of hide and seek.

Witch It includes 15 different maps, as well as the ability to create your own maps and fill them with objects. Players earn experience as they play, and unlock new customization options for both the human hunters and the witches.

Five different game modes are available. In addition to the standard Hide n Seek mode, there’s Hunt a Hag, which disables skills on both sides, and Mobification, where caught witches turn into hunters, making it extra hard for the remaining witches.

The online multiplayer game has been available in Early Access since 2017. The 1.0 update adds two new magic forest maps, more decorative items, new abilities, and extra challenges.

Witch it is available now on Steam.

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