London-based tabletop developer Big Potato Games has released Blockbuster Returns, a follow-up to last year’s excellent movie trivia card game, The Blockbuster Party Game. Once again it features a fun VHS box and fold-out parking lot board.

The gameplay in the sequel is the exact same, and can be played separately or combined with the original. Players split into two teams, with two players beginning the Head-to-Head round as they name movies in a category with a 15-second timer.

The winner draws cards from the huge stack of movie cards and puts them in three different trivia categories for their team to guess: use a single word to describe a film, quote a line from a film, and act out a scene from a film, all within 30 seconds. Teams will need to collect cards from different movie genres and categories to win.

Blockbuster Returns adds four new categories to the cards: Heart Warmers, From Another World, Not for Kids, and Remakes & Reboots.

Blockbuster Returns is available now at Target ($12.99) alongside the original Blockbuster Party Game.

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