CSL College, the world’s largest collegiate gaming league, is partnering with the HBCU Esports Alliance to bring competitive gaming leagues, programs, and services to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The partnership will also provide resources and support for administrators, including software design classes as well as tech-focused career paths, recruiting strategies, and summer camps.

“We are thrilled to partner with CSL. It is the first and world’s largest year-round competitive league for college students. CSL has awarded over $1 million in scholarships to student gamers from around the world over the past 11 years,” said Dr. Marc Williams, Commissioner of HEA and Global Scholar Practitioner at Florida Memorial University. “Having the most respected collegiate tournament and educational esports organization positions HEA and HBCUs for great success, and will help HBCUs view esports as a key vehicle to reach educational goals for its students.”

CSL College (Collegiate StarLeague) has recently become a division of sports marketing company Playfly Sports, which focuses on the amateur esports-athlete and increasing awareness and participation across the high school and college level.

“The CSL College team is honored to be officially launching this great partnership after more than two years of research and a broad set of discussions with HBCU school administrators, officials, sponsors, students and benefactors”, said Wim Stocks, Chairman of CSL College. “The great legacy and culture of HBCUs are wholly inspiring, our goals include bringing support to help build esports opportunities and engagement that benefit the schools and students. This includes competitive play as well as helping students understand and prepare for the many career paths and roles involved in the business of esports and gaming. This Fall, we are excited to get our first set of competitive events up and operating with HEA’s ‘The Yard’ and a variety of the HBCU schools and programs.”

The HCBU Esports Alliance and CSL League will begin year-round programming in Fall 2020. See the main website for a list of school partners.

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