DeNA and The Pokémon Company have introduced a Summer Event update to mobile game Pokémon Masters. The event adds new Summer event Sync Pairs, as well as a new Stamina System to the free to play mobile game.

The new Summer-themed Sync Pairs are Steven & Alolan Sandslash (above video) and Lyra and Jigglypuff. You’ll be able to add them to your team via the Sync pair Spotlight Scout. Steven and Sandslash know Ice-type moves like Icicle Spear, while Lyra’s Jigglypuff specializes in Fairy-type moves such as Dazzling Gleam. The new Sync Pairs will be available through August 16.

For those who have completed Chapter one of the main story in Pokémon Masters, you’ll be able to access the Summer Superstars event. The story features a music contest on the island of Pasio, and is also available through August 16.

Bug-type Pokémon can be found more frequently in eggs, including Scyther, Pinsir, and Venonat, as well as shiny versions. The bug event ends August 2, and is only available for players who have completed chapter one of the main story.

The Summer event also adds a new stamina system. Players will need stamina to participate in battles during the event, which recovers over time, while skip tickets can be used to to skip a battle and still receive the rewards. To help ease players into this new system, you’ll a one-time gift of gems and skip tickets if you login prior to August 11, as well as daily login bonuses through August 16.

Pokémon Masters is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android mobile devices.

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