Big Fish Games and Ocean Media are joining forces to release a compilation of six of their biggest Hidden Object puzzle-adventure games. Hidden Objects Collection will release on October 6 on Nintendo Switch, for $39.99.

Hidden Object games are similar to old school adventure games, which include solving puzzles, finding objects, and exploring interactive screens.

Black Rainbow stars explorer Helen Stone as she adventures through the dangerous lands of Amazonia.

Where Angels Cry takes place in a medieval monastery in the Alps. You must investigate a series of missing persons and dark passages. Tears of the Fallen is a sequel to Where Angels Cry, returning to 13-century Europe, this time to an isolated village in Spain to investigate a brutal inquisitor.

Man with the Ivory Cane is a mystery-crime story set in Paris. As the prime suspect when your girlfriend goes missing, you’ll need to figure out what’s going on and investigate the case.

Farm Mystery is another missing persons case, this time on Happy Orchard Farm. A mist surrounds the town at night, and you’ll need to solve the nightmarish case.

Myths of Orion takes place in the fantasy world of Orion, where a powerful wizard secreted his knowledge away in a series of books. The books were stolen by an enchantress. As the child of the enchantress, it’s up to you to stop the wizard.

Hidden Objects Collection is out October 6, and rated T for Teen (Violence).

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