Marvelous Inc and XSEED Games have released Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town on Steam PC (Windows only), for $49.99.

Friends of Mineral Town is a remake of the original 2003 Game Boy Advance game, back when the series was known as Harvest Moon (confusingly, Harvest Moon still exists as its own series now as well).

Like other games in the farm life series, players build up their farm by planting, harvesting, and selling crops. Mineral Town is full of friendly faces to interact with, or even fall in love with and start a family.

The modern remake includes lots of changes and improvements, such as being able to choose to play as a boy or girl with multiple skin tone options, a more user-friendly interface, and more animals to raise.

“I’m delighted to welcome western Story of Seasons fans to Mineral Town today,” said Hikaru Nakano, game director at Marvelous. “It’s been a long wait and we’re so happy to finally share this very special installment of the Bokujo series with both PC and Nintendo Switch players. We dedicated a lot of energy towards including updates and additions that fans, new, or returning will enjoy and hope they’ll be living their best farm life soon!”

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is available on PC as well as Nintendo Switch in both physical and digital formats. It’s rated E10+ with Comic Mischief, Suggestive Themes, and Alcohol Use.

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