Maxwell’s Daemons is an upcoming educational adventure game set in the molecular world. It combines science fiction (shrinking down Ant-Man style) with real science, such as proper chemical compounds. The game is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Maxwell’s Daemons is a shooter that uses multiple zoom levels and graphical styles, as you meet bizarre and exotic creatures who lurk in the microverse. You’ll have to employ scientific equipment, like chemical beams and radiowaves, to defeat them.

Maxwell’s Daemons is the brainchild of three Italian chemists. Their studio, Boltzbrains was created to further their scientific research via video game development.

“We noticed that many educational video games are lacking in attention to graphics and gameplay. So we thought of creating one that was a true adventure, with a rich setting and a distinct atmosphere,” said Federico Pazzona. “By immersing yourself in the world of Maxwell’s Deamons, you acquire numerous basic scientific concepts in a completely intuitive way, simply because you get to see them in action. In addition, a voice guides the player during the mission, explaining things in a captivating way. Our idea is that, besides some basic knowledge that will be acquired right away, each person can decide on the level of scientific investigation of their gaming experience”.

If the game reaches its funding goal, Boltzbrains is planning on a 2021 release on PC (Steam).

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