PC gaming fans, your moment has arrived. The annual Steam Summer sale has kicked off this week, featuring thousands of discounted games from now through July 9.

Highlighted deals include Borderlands 3 ($29.99, 50% off), Terraria ($4.99, 50% off), Planet Coaster ($11.24, 75% off), Titanfall 2 ($9.89, 67% off), Half-life Alyx ($44.99, 25% off), and Doom Eternal ($29.99, 50% off). If you purchase at least $30 worth of games, you’ll also receive an additional $5 discount at checkout.

This year you can earn points by spending money during the sale, and spend those points on profile frames, backgrounds, and chat stickers. For every $1 spend, you earn 100 points. This must apply retroactively in some way, as I logged into Steam to find over 7,000 points before spending any money.

Points can be spent to customize your Steam profile page with fancy colored frames and animated avatars and backgrounds. If you use Steam chat, you can purchase a plethora of emoticons and animated stickers to annoy your friends with. Many stickers are characters from well-known games like Geralt from The Witcher, Headcrabs from Half-life, and various heroes from Dota 2. For 5,000 points you can purchase a special golden profile that includes a themed frame and animated background, though it only lasts for 30 days.

Anyone can grab a bunch of free animated stickers by logging into the Steam sale very few hours and claiming them from the points shop page.

The Steam Summer Sale ends June 9.

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