The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition kicks off today. Running throughout the week and ending June 22, the digital event features free demos of new and upcoming games, as well as promoted livestreams and developer interviews.

An event schedule is available for upcoming indie developer livestream events, including Cyanide & Happiness, The Iron Oath, Breakpoint, Oddria, Hellcard, and Nine Noir Lives, which appears to star a cat detective. If you haven’t yet heard of any of these games, now is a great chance to check them out.

Demos of upcoming games you may have heard of include Grounded, Obsidian’s co-op Honey I Shrunk the Kids co-op survival adventure, Desperados 3 (which just released today), the stealth tactics game from the makers of Shadow Tactics, Destroy All Humans!, a remake of the campy action shooter, Solasta: Crown of the Magister, a tactical RPG that uses the D&D rules, and Everspace 2, an open world space sim adventure.

Both the steam web page and client seem to be buckling under the weight of this event. Pages are slow to load (if they load at all) and at one point my client froze and crashed. Thankfully we’ve got a full week to enjoy this bevy of demos and entertainment.

The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition lasts through June 22.

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