Much of the world is stuck at home due to the pandemic – but we still want to play board games with friends and family! Tabletop Playground is a digital tabletop simulator that features over a hundred board game modules, online multiplayer, and VR support. It’s coming to Steam Early Access on May 15, for $15.

Tabletop Playground uses Unreal Engine 4 to simulate real physics for all the games, whether they’re cards, boards, or falling Jenga pieces. Like Tabletop Simulator, users can create their own games (or adapt real games) with the engine and share them.

Tabletop Playground uses as its module database, allowing for cross-platform functionality when Tabletop Playground releases on other stores besides Steam.

A quick scroll through the game module database shows lots of big name games, including Munchkin, Dixit, Codenames, Dominion, Cosmic Encounters, and Betrayal at House on the Hill. Up to eight players can join a game together online.

Developer Plasticity Studios plans on staying in Early Access for about six months. A roadmap is still forthcoming up expect updates that add quality of life improvements to both creating and playing games.

Tabletop Playground is launching on May 15 via Steam Early Access.

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