Game jams are a fun way for gaming industry professionals and neophytes to come together and prototype new game ideas in a friendly competitive atmosphere. Unfortunately the current crisis of a global pandemic from COVID-19 is forcing most of us to stay away from each other to avoid further spreading the virus.

Developer Nukklear Digital Minds have come up with a solution – an all-digital game jam. The Stay Safe! Jam will run this weekend, March 27 – 29. To promote participation, publisher Assemble Entertainment is partnering with the Stay Safe Jam along with other big-name publishers such as Bethesda and Ubisoft to provide prizes for participants.

While a Game Jam typically brings together hundreds of skilled game developers to work in teams to design and develop a video game in 48-hours, Nukklear Digital Minds recognizes the need to shelter in place during these troubling and uncertain times. Stay Safe! Jam is designed to encourage participating game developers worldwide to stay home and create a video game with like-minded professionals.

The theme for the jam hasn’t been announced yet, but participants are encouraged to use any genre, engine, and library (no copyrighted material). Entries must be family-friendly, as well. Games will be judged on theme, engagement, visual representations, and sound design. The Stay Safe! Jam will primarily use the official Discord server and

Submissions will be open beginning on 4 pm Friday, until 3 pm on Sunday.

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