The global pandemic of COVID-19 is seeping into every aspect of our culture, including the game creation toolset, Dreams. Creators are building coronavirus-themed games and simulators in Dreams to raise awareness, provide public safety tips, and letting people unwind by shooting the virus.

The video above from Dreams YouTube channel Project Genesis showcases many of the new coronavirus-themed games. Some are a bit dark or silly, like a platformer about rushing to the grocery store, or battling other shoppers inside the store. Gotta get that toilet paper!

Other user-created games try to educate on the importance of social distancing, and how to stay healthy by washing your hands.

If you have Dreams and are interested in checking out any of the games in the video, check out the video description for all the links.

Dreams released earlier this year from Media Molecule, the creators of the Little Big Planet series. It’s a game about making your own games with a robust set of tools. The actual story campaign takes only a few hours, with the meat of the gameplay coming from playing user-created games, or creating your own.

Dreams is available exclusively on PlayStation 4. It’s rated T for Teen.

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