The third major content update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is available now. Title Update 3 adds two new variant monsters, layered weapons, and other updates.

To introduce the update’s features, Capcom released the fifth Developer Diary video (above), with Art Director Kaname Fujioka and game director, Daisuke Ichihara.

New monster variants Furious Rajang and Raging Brachydios represent even more challenging versions of those powerful monsters. Furious Rajang also has its enraged golden fur permanently displayed, and gains new attacks, new defenses, and, most importantly, a new armor set.

Raging Barchydios is larger and slower than the normal version, and its slime has become explosive. It also retreats to a certain area when wounded, blanketing the zone in fire. Like Furious Rajang, there’s another unique armor set to craft if you can take it down.

Layered weapons, like layered armor, let you change the cosmetic appearance of your weapons. This new feature will roll out in two parts, with the first part arriving today for weapons that are part of a family tree of designs. In the next update in April, players will also be able to change unique design weapons, but only weapons that can be augmented.

Also coming in April is the Spring seasonal event. Both Astera and Seliana will be covered in rose decorations. A new elegant armor set can also be crafted by completing seasonal event quests. The Full Bloom Fest event begins on April 8.

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