Artax Games has announced MathLand, an educational pirate adventure, is coming out on Nintendo Switch on Feb. 24, for $5.99. Watch the trailer above.

In MathLand, the evil pirate Max has stolen gems and filled islands full of traps. Ray the not-so-evil pirate must discover over 25 islands and collect gems by solving puzzles and math problems.

The educational game scales for different age groups and skill levels. For children age 5-6, math problems will feature numbers 1-10 and reinforce addition and subtraction. At the 7-8 skill level players will be introduced to multiplication, and add and subtract up to 20.

At the final skill level (ages 9+), MathLand will include basic and advanced arithmetic, negative numbers, and some division.

MathLand is also available on Android and iOS mobile devices, appearing as Math Land: Addition Games for Kids, and developed by Didactoons. On mobile it is free-to-play with in-app purchases. It’s rated E for Everyone, obviously.

MathLand will arrive on Switch on Feb. 24.

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