The first seasonal event of 2020 for Sea of Thieves has arrived. It’s called Legends of the Sea. Duke has returned to offer limited Gilded Voyages, offering vast riches as rewards.

To begin a Gilded Voyage, seek talk to Duke in any tavern. Be aware that while multiple voyages are available for each company, you can only select one. Regardless of which you choose, each Gilded Voyage pays out exceptionally well when it comes to gold and reputation upon its completion.

However, you also have the option of sailing to The Reaper’s Hideout to bury the treasure there, gaining double the gold at the cost of no reputation gain.

Legends of the Sea also adds a new NPC, the story-telling tattoo artist Umbra. She resides at the Lagoon of Whispers. Umbra is interested in tracking down legends and rumors, which you can find in your Commendation list. As a reward for completing her tasks, you can gain new tattoos.

The event also features Ashen Chests containing Ashen Tomes. You’ll need to find Ashen Keys and defeat Ashen Guardians and Key Masters to acquire them. If you collect all five Tomes of Fire you can earn a special Ashen cosmetic item.

Sea of Thieves is also celebrating its 10 million unique player milestone with special gifts. The gifts are X Marks the Spot sails and X Marks the Spot emote. To earn them you’ll need to log into the game between now and January 22. The items will then be available for use when the next monthly update arrives in February.

Sea of Thieves is available on PC and Xbox One. It’s rated T for Teen.

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