The heroes of Apex Legends are getting fancy with new formal skins and Art Deco styles in the Grand Soirée event, running now through January 28.

The two-week event features a rotating schedule of seven limited-time modes (LTM), with a new mode every two days. The LTM’s will include old favorites like Armed and Dangerous as well as all-new events like DUMMIEs Big Day.

  • Jan. 14-15 – Gold Rush Duos
  • Jan. 16-17 – LIVE.DIE.LIVE
  • Jan. 18-19 – Third-Person Mode
  • Jan. 20-21 – Always Be Closing
  • Jan. 22-23 – Armed and Dangerous on World’s Edge
  • Jan. 24-25 – Kings Canyon After Dark
  • Jan. 26-28 – DUMMIEs Big Day

apex legends grand soiree

The Grand Soirée also adds its own set of challenges and rewards to unlock. Each LTM will feature 3 challenges worth a total of 1000 points. The highest prize costs 5,500 so you won’t need to complete every single challenge, though you can earn a special badge by at least trying every mode. Rewards include weapon skins and a character skin for Octane. Completing challenges for the event won’t interrupt your Battle Pass progress.

During the event you’ll also be able to directly purchase the new themed Art Deco cosmetics from the shop, including new Legendary Skins.

This weekend Apex Legends is hosting a Bonus Scoring Weekend, featuring an additional set of challenges worth 500 points. These weekend challenges will only be available between Jan. 17 at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern through Jan. 20 at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern.

Apex Legends is currently in the midst of its third season. It’s available on PC (Origin), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and rated T for Teen.

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