Just in time for the spooky season of Halloween is the latest update for multiplayer pirate adventure Sea of Thieves. The Fort of the Damned update adds a new Skeleton Fort challenge, along with new skeletal pets.

Old Fort Boot has been transformed into Fort of the Damned, which is crawling with Shadow of Fate Skeletons. You’ll have to find a Ritual Skull in Skull Seeker Voyages and gather Flames of Fate before assaulting the fort. Once the requirements are met, anyone can jump into the fort challenge as often as they want.

You can earn unique cosmetics from loot in the fort. If you make it all the way through, you can awaken the Fort of the Damned to gain a unique ghostly facepaint. Complete it 10 times to gain the Ferryman’s tattered jacket, and defeat all six types of Shadows of Fate to earn his lantern to complete the ensemble.

The new fort is a permanent change that will persist beyond the seasonal update.

The seasonal update also adds skeleton pets in the Pirate Emporium: the Skeleton Cockatoo and Skeleton Marmoset. Unlike the titular fort, skeleton pets will only be available during the seasonal update. The Pirate Emporium also features the Cutthroat Ship Collection, which has cosmetics based on developer Rare’s fighting game series Killer Instinct.

Other new additions include a new banjo instrument, support for duo teams in the arena, more Skeleton Captains with rewards, and more cosmetics.

Sea of Thieves is available on PC (Windows Store) and Xbox One. It’s also available via Xbox Game Pass. Sea of Thieves is rated T for Teen.

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