Asmodee Digital is running its first Publisher Weekend Sale on Steam. The Steam sale features discounts on some for the most popular digital board games, up to 75% off. The sale ends Monday, September 30.

“We leverage our board game DNA, combined with our specific digital expertise to immerse players into amazing stories. Combining the two most thriving categories of entertainment, board and video games, our titles are intellectually rewarding, driven by player choices and set in awe-inspiring universes,” said Pierre Ortolan, CEO, Asmodee Digital. “This unique know-how allows us to implement our long-term vision, geared towards the genres that share core gameplay, design roots and universes with our board game legacy: RPGs, strategy, card and narrative-driven games. We aim at steadily expanding a consistent line-up of premium titles focused on these genres and universes. Because we love to play, craft and publish these kind of games, we aim to get more and more people, partners and players alike on board.”

The sale includes several big board games such as Carcassonne (60% off) and its expansions (40% off), all versions of Ticket to Ride (40-60% off), Scythe (60% off), and Small World 2 (75% off). The most recent Asmodee Digital release, Gloomhaven, is still in Early Access, and only features a 10% discount.

This week Gloomhaven received its next major content addition, adding a fifth playable mercenary, the Tinkerer, and several desired gameplay tweaks.

Asmodee, based in France, is the second-largest publisher of board games behind Hasbro. The Asmodee Steam Sale ends September 30.

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