A mini-DLC pack has been released for dinosaur park sim Jurassic World Evolution. Much like the Carnivore Dinosaur Pack that released earlier this year, The Herbivore Dinosaur Pack adds three new dinosaurs for $4.99. It’s available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Here are the official descriptions of the new dinosaurs in the Herbivore Dinosaur Pack:

  • The Dryosaurus is a forest dweller who relies on speed and dexterity for survival, using its stiff tail as ballast to swiftly change direction while running.
  • The Homalocephale gets its name from the smooth, even shape of her head. It sports a flat, wedge-shaped skull used as a tool for head-butting.
  • The Nigersaurus is one of the smallest Sauropods discovered. It measures 9 meters long and despite its long neck, the Nigersaurus is a grazer, feeding from plants close to the ground and near riverbeds.

Also releasing with the Herbivore Dinosaur Pack is the free 1.10 Update, which adds a sandbox mode to every island. Previously only Isla Nublar was used as a sandbox park.

Islands must first be unlocked via the campaign (or purchased for DLC islands). Once unlocked the other islands can now be played in sandbox mode from the main menu. Note that research levels are still unlocked via the campaign.

In sandbox mode, feeders can be set to infinite. The 1.10 patch brings a much requested feature to immediately refill all feeders, rather than wait for rangers to restock them.

Jurassic World Evolution and the Herbivore Dinosaur Pack are available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

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