During the annual Gamescom gaming event in Germany, Kalypso Media and developer Realmforge Studios (Dungeons 3) announced a sequel to 2001’s goofy space station sim, Startopia. It’s called Spacebase Startopia, and it’s launching on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One in Fall 2020.

Spacebase Startopia returns players to the three-deck, donut-shaped space station. Your job as the new commander is to make the station habitual, profitable, and enjoyable for the eight different alien races who live, work, and play there. A plucky new robotic AI named VAL will serve as your narrator and guide.

The sim will feature a full single player campaign as you set up the space station as the premiere tourist destination in the galaxy while repelling pesky invaders. There is also a battle mode for quicker skirmishes, and a multiplayer mode that supports both competitive and cooperative multiplayer for up to four players.

The original Startopia was a PC-only sim-strategy game that was a developed as a sci-fi twist from the makers of the Dungeon Keeper series. Though the early 3D graphics have aged terribly, it’s a fun sim game with a lot of personality, and is currently available on Steam and GOG.

Starbase Startopia will launch late next year on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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