Studio Wildcard has launched Valguero, a free expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved that adds a new island with new places to explore and secrets to discover. Valguero is out now on PC, and coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next month.

Like previous expansions, Valguero adds an entirely new map of mountains, valleys, seas, and underground caverns to explore. The Valguero map is 63 square kilometers. In comparison, the original Island was about 36 sq km with 12 sq km of surrounding ocean.

The new map features eight biomes, with locations like Skeleton Gorge, Aberration Trench, and the Lost Temple. Ruins are scattered throughout the region containing the secrets of ancient Valguero survivors.

To help scale the towering cliffs and mountains of Valguero, the deinonychus has finally been added to ARK. The deinonychus was famously misnamed as the velociraptor in the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films. It’s the classic sickle-toed, clever girl raptor, now sporting a few more feathers.

In ARK the deinonychus is a fearless predator, attacking other predators much larger than itself by latching on with its claws. The deinonychus can also use its claws to scale cliffs and ledges to reach higher vantage points.

Valguero also adds a new boss arena in the Triple Threat Boss Challenge. This is an end-game boss encounter where survivors face off against a Megapithecus, a Manticore, and a Dragon in an epic battle.

Valguero is available now on PC (Steam) as a free update. It’s arriving on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later in July. ARK: Survival Evolved is rated T for Teen.

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