Hell hath no fury like a group of people grumpy from hunger. Overcooked 2 welcomes its latest DLC pack, Night of the Hangry Horde, which adds new levels, recipes, chefs, and a survival horde mode. It’s available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

The Unbread have risen once again, this time to attack the Onion King’s castle. The chefs must keep the gnawing hordes at bay the only way they know how – by quickly cooking meals. The new horde mode adds eight increasingly dire horde waves. In addition to the unbread, new enemies include the slow zombie apple which requires two meals to satisfy, and the fast zombie chili pepper.

To help combat these threats, the DLC adds several new recipes, including fruit pies and roasted dinners that can be cooked with coals and a furnace. The DLC also adds four new spooky themed chefs: ghost, vampire, werewolf, and a familiar face from the original Overcooked.

You can also explore nine new kitchen levels along with three new hidden Kevin Kitchen levels, for a total of 12 spooky new levels.

Night of the Hangry Horde is part of the Overcooked 2 Season Pass ($19.99), along with Campfire Cook Off, and a third future DLC pack. The DLC can also be purchased separately for $9.99.

Along with the paid DLC release, Team17 and Ghost Town Games have released a free chef pack to all players of Overcooked 2. The All at Sea Pack adds five new ocean-themed chefs, including a mermaid, shark, and pirate. It’s available now as a free update.

Overcooked 2 is rated E for Everyone.

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