Last month’s release of the latest Hearthstone expansion, Rise of Shadows, allowed players to take on the role of villains as they joined the League of E.V.I.L. Today Blizzard Entertainment released the single player Solo Adventure for Rise of Shadows, called The Dalaran Heist.

The mission is simple: steal the entire magical floating city of Dalaran. The adventure spans five chapters and is designed with plenty of replayability as players embark on Dungeon Run-style missions working for the League of E.V.I.L.

While embarking on the heist adventure, the nine heroes have been replaced with new henchman characters. Each has their own new voice acting, as well as new hero powers and customizable deck options.

“Hearthstone players let us know they wanted even more highly replayable and entertaining single-player experiences, so the team went all-in and delivered The Dalaran Heist—our biggest and most ambitious Solo Adventure yet,” said J. Allen Brack, president, Blizzard Entertainment. “Beyond the fun of carrying out Rafaam’s plot to literally steal Dalaran, we can’t wait for players to sink their teeth into the fun twists and turns they’ll encounter across all five chapters of The Dalaran Heist.”

The first chapter in The Dalaran Heist is free. After that the next four chapters can be unlocked for 700 gold each, or purchased for a lump sum of $19.99. Players will earn three Rise of Shadows card packs for every chapter they complete. Unlocking all five chapters will add a ticket for five full League of E.V.I.L decks.

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