Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Direct this week focused entirely on upcoming sequel Super Mario Maker 2. The 15-minute Super Mario Maker 2 Direct showcased most of the new tools, features, and new Super Mario 3D World theme. Super Mario Maker 2 is launching on June 28 exclusively on Nintendo Switch in both digital and physical formats.

We already knew about one of the biggest new features in Super Mario Maker 2: cooperative level building. The multiplayer also extends to online play, with up to four player versus and co-0p modes. In versus you’re competing to finish a course first, and increasing your versus rank. In co-op you’re all working together to make it to the end, though only one player needs to finish for everyone to win.

The Course World is the online hub of Super Mario Maker 2. Players can search for courses using categories and tags, and can download courses for offline play. Players can earn points and compete on leaderboards, customize their Mii with unlockable cosmetics, and compete in the Endless Challenge to beat as many online courses as they can without dying.

The single player Story Mode returns in Super Mario Maker 2, featuring 100 Nintendo-build courses to play through. Mario will need to collect coins in increasingly challenging levels.

On the editing side, tons of new editing tools and features have been added, including adding slopes, adjusting the water level, and adding the infamous Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3. New themes have also been added to each of the four Mario game settings from the first game, including Desert and Snow themes. A new night mode drastically changes each of the different styles, including reversing the gravity for Underground levels and changing the water in Forest levels to poison.

One of the biggest new additions is a fifth new Mario style to build and play in: Super Mario 3D World. This new style isn’t compatible with the others as it features new gameplay, such as Cat Mario’s ability to climb walls. Lots of new enemy types and building tools and features are exclusive to this new modern mode.

“Super Mario Maker 2 puts the power of creating unique Super Mario courses into the hands of the player,” said Nick Chavez, Senior VP, Nintendo of America. “Video game fans of all ages have more tools than ever to help them stretch their imaginations as they make, play and share the Super Mario courses of their dreams.”

Note that online play and interaction requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Nintendo is bundling a 12-month subscription with the purchase of a $69.99 bundle of Super Mario Maker 2 + Nintendo Switch Online. Normally a 12-month sub costs $19.99 separately, making this a savings of about $10. If you’re already a subscriber, it will add 12 months to your current subscription.

Super Mario Maker 2 will launch on June 28. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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