ARK: Survival Evolved’s seasonal Easter event, Eggcellent Adventure, returns for a fourth time this week on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Read the full patch notes here.

During the Eggcellent ADventure , survivors can find large Easter Eggs from Bunny Dodos. About 50% of wild dodos will spawn as Bunny Dodos during the event. These dodos cannot be tamed. Easter Eggs can be placed in the world and then painted for decoration. They can also be used in crafting recipes to make new Easter Skins: the Marshmallow Dodo Hat and Chocolate Bunny Club. Previous Easter-themed skins like the Bunny Ears will also be available.

Wild Oviraptors will also spawn as Bunny Oviraptors about 50% of the time. The Bunny Oviraptors cannot be tamed but will drop Easter Candy. Candy can be fed to your own tamed creatures for “a special festive effect.”

Additionally all wild creatures have a chance to spawn in pastel Easter colors, Green, Magenta, Yellow, and Blue.

If you fancy yourself an in-game artist, Studio Wild Card is hosting an egg painting contest. The winner can earn $100. You can submit your entry in the PC or Console competitions depending on where you painted it, or the Real-Life category to show off the world of ARK.

The egg painting competition and the Eggcellent Adventure ends April 30. Beginning this Friday, April 19 (10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern), players will also be given a special Evolution Event Perk through the weekend. All official servers will gain 2x Harvest Rates, Taming Rates, and EXP Rates until Monday April 22 (12 pm Pacific/3 pm Eastern).

ARK: Survival Evolved is rated T for Teen.

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