A recent update has allowed Civ developer Firaxis to open up cloud save support between the Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) versions of Civilization 6.

The update means you can save your game on the Switch or PC, then load that saved game on the other platform and pick up right where you left off.

This is a really neat addition, but it comes with two caveats. First in order to access the cloud saves you’ll need a 2K Games account, and you’ll need to link both versions to the account.

Second, the cloud saves only work on the base game without the two major expansions. This is because the Switch version, which released last November, doesn’t have any of the big expansions, namely last year’s Rise and Fall, and Gathering Storm, which just released earlier this year.

The Switch version of Civ 6 does include the smaller Civ and scenario packs, including the Vikings and Australia packs.

Cross-platform saves aren’t unheard of, particularly when it comes to Microsoft with the Xbox and the Microsoft Store on PC. But Civ’s One More Turn gameplay definitely lends itself to the handheld gameplay of the Switch. Hopefully we’ll get the well-received expansions on Switch soon as well.

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is rated E10+.

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