Team 17 and Ghost Town Games have announced, and released, a major content update to Overcooked 2. The update celebrates the Chinese Lunar New Year taking place right now. It adds new kitchens, recipes, chefs, and an all-new survival mode.

The Chinese New Year update adds a whole new map to the campaign with seven new kitchens. All the kitchens feature a Chinese culture theme, including koi ponds and drifting lanterns. The two new recipes are traditional Chinese New Year dishes, the fruit platter and hot pot. The new new chefs are the ornate dragon chef, and the Chinese New Year pig chef, for the Year of the Pig.

Also included in the update is the new survival mode. Survival mode works just as you think: serve as many dishes as possible before time runs out, with each dish adding time to the clock. Survival mode has also been retroactively added to the base game, the Surf ‘N Turf DLC, and the previous seasonal update, Kevin’s Christmas Cracker.

A replay button has also been added on the results screen. Now you can quickly jump back into a kitchen to go for a better score.

Overcooked 2 released last year as an excellent family-friendly cooperative cooking game for up to four players. Chefs must work together to organize their recipes, clean the dishes, and serve meals in chaotic kitchens filled with hazards.

The free Chinese New Year seasonal update is available now through the Extras menu. Overcooked 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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