Spanish indie studio Melbot Studios announced a unique co-op puzzle game, Melbits World, coming to PlayStation 4 on Feb. 5.

Melbits World is a cooperative puzzle game for up to four local players. Each player controls a friendly little monster Melbit and navigates around a Captain Toad-style vertical puzzle levels. Melbits are creatures that live inside the internet and work to combat viruses and other problems.

“Melbits World presents an addictive and super fun challenge that mixes the best of Tamagotchi and Lemmings. Saving the Melbits will require a lot of attention and communication from all the players to coordinate their moves at the right time,” said Ivan Exposito, Co-Founder of Melbot Studio.

Melbits are controlled via the PlayLink app for Android and iOS smartphones. The simple controls all your melbit to manipulate switches and barriers to overcome obstacles. You can also customize your melbit with hats and accessories.

The gameplay includes four worlds, each consisting of nine challenge levels. Each level features four melbits. Players will need to use teamwork and coordination to save at least two melbits to unlock the next level.

Melbits World has been rated E for Everyone by the ESRB and looks like a good family game. It’s coming Feb. 5 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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