Collectible card game Lightseekers went digital earlier this year on mobile devices. Next month it’s heading to the Nintendo Switch. Lightseekers will arrive on Switch on January 10, 2019.

Lightseekers features over 100 heroes in six different classes in a standard 1 on 1 duel. Each player chooses a hero and a customized deck, and plays attacks, creatures, and artifacts to reduce their opponent to zero hit points. Lightseekers adds a new rotating mechanic to the genre, where cards rotate 45 degrees each turn, modifying its stats and abilities.

The digital version supports deck building and battles against the AI as well as online versus the community. Online play includes leaderboards and ranked matches. You can purchase digital booster packs, or purchase the physical cards and scan them into the digital game. To scan cards you’ll need to link your PlayFusion account with a mobile device to scan via the camera.

The Switch version will support crossplay with the mobile version.

“It’s just a fantastic feeling to see Lightseekers make its way to the Nintendo Switch,” said PlayFusion CEO Mark Gerhard. “Lightseekers was PlayFusion’s debut into gaming, and to see it grow to this level just makes the whole team proud.”

Lightseekers will launch on Nintendo Switch January 10, 2019. It’s rated E for Everyone and features in-app purchases.

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